• To promote the welfare of the elderly;
  • To establish and maintain accomodation, in a sheltered environment for the housing of elderly persons of both sexes, irrespective of colour or creed, and within the restraints of any laws of the Republic of South Africa,
  • To make such housing units available to the applicant via rental contract or life-right agreement according to the means of the applicant and subject to being economicalyl viable to the Company
  • To supply various services, via a service centre within each complex, these services to include:
    •  Kitchen facilities, adequately equipped to provide meals for residents as contracted;
    •   A nursing service to provide basic nursing care to all residents and more advanced care such as can be provided within the restraints of the residential units;
    •   Recreational facilities for the use of the residents;
    •   Group activities to be co-ordinated by an officer appointed by the Board for this purpose.
  • To establish assisted-living and care centres for those considered disabled to a degree, where they are partially or totally unable to care for themselves.


The Company is managed by a Board of Directors made up as follows:-

  • Maximum of six Rotational Directors appointed by the Board on the basis of their expertise and/or their concern for the elderly.  Three year rotational term.
  • One Director nominated by each of the Service Clubs of George being Rotary, Lions and Round Table.
  • Two Directors each from Murray House, RLR and Rendezvous Cottages elected by residents on an annual basis.
  • Directors serve the company on a voluntary basis and will receive remuneration only for services rendered beyond those of directorship, their financial commitments in terms of the company’s act to be protected by appropriate insurance.
  • The day to day running of the Company is headed up by a General Manager who is responsible for administration, finance, marketing and human resources.  Full time staff reporting to the GM comprises an administration assistant, a nursing manager, a maintenance manager and a service centre co-ordinator.  Further assistance is provided by an independent labour consultant.  A total of 32 full time workers are at present employed.
  • Catering is outsourced to Fedics Caterers, who operates from the main service kitchen situated in Murray House, and provide lunches to residents Monday to Friday and all meals seven days per week to the assisted living units.


The Company continues to provide activities and entertainment for residents through the services of the Service Centre Co-ordinator and the committee set up for this purpose. These activities include fund raising events to supplement income.